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Automotive Detailing

Complete detailing service to bring the "new" feeling back to your automobile

Interior & Exterior Detailing

Interior & exterior detail service for cars that are in good condition, regularly washed and detailed. This service should be performed at least twice each year.

Includes everything listed below. The package is very thorough, but basic interior detail. This process freshens up a car that is already in fairly good condition and keeps it looking its best.

  • Shampoo & dry all carpets & seats
  • Wheels and Wheel Wells Cleaned
  • Blow dry to remove excess water
  • Doorjambs wiped clean
  • Exterior trim dressed and protected
  • Optional light polishing available
  • Interior vacuum
  • Clean & dress dash, door panels
  • Clean & cupholders, console
  • Clean and condition leather
  • Spot clean floormats
  • Windows cleaned
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