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Scheduled Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the delivery of peak performance with the prevention of breakdowns and failures.

Early Detection

Early detection of mechanical problems is a crucial key to help ensure your safety while driving your vehicle but also usually can significantly reduce the cost of repairs.

Quality Replacement Parts

Not all parts are created equal. BIRD AUTOMOTIVEs works with the best automotive parts suppliers ensuring your repairs will only be performed with parts of OEM or better quality.


BIRD was built on professionalism. We strive to make every visit a quick and pleasant experience. Front front office to mechanics you will be treated with respect and dignity by clean, well trained professional.

Automotive Tune Up

Traditional tune-ups of years gone by involved changing the spark plugs, cap and rotor while tweaking the carburetor.

Automotive technology has come a long way, and so have tune-ups. Modern tune-ups start with a complete system scan identifying any recorded errors or issues and continue on to fuel injector cleaning, electronic system and sensor analysis, ignition system testing and comprehensive performance checks.

Scheduled tune-ups help ensure your vehicle will perform at peak performance level, year after year, while reducing the possibility of road side break downs and costly repairs.

Other benefits of properly maintaining your vehicle include longer service life, greater resale value and better fuel efficiency.

Tune-up Services
  • Diagnostic Scans
  • Oil Change: Synthetic or Minieral
  • Automotive Computer Services
  • Emissions: Inspections, Failures, and Repairs
  • Fuel System Fuel Injection Services
  • A/C and Heat Service & Repair
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • Ignition System and Spark Plugs
  • Air Induction and Air Filter
Automotive Tune Up

Enjoy a "piece of mind" with a properly serviced and maintained vehicle.

Fluid Change

Fluid Change

Fluids are the life blood of your vehicle. Automotive fluids provide proper lubrication and cooling to the powertrain systems. 78% of all vehicle break downs are due to lack of proper fluid levels or "dirty" unchanged fluids.

Regular scheduled checks and replacement of fluids ensure proper operations and reliability of your vehicle.

Fluid service appointments provide essential "early detection" of your vehicles condition. Fluids can tell experienced mechanics a great deal about the mechanical condition and any early signs of pending failure.

  • engine oil
  • automatic transmission fluid
  • manual transmission gear oil
  • differential gear oil
  • engine coolant
  • oil & filter change
  • fluid flush & filter change
  • gear oil change
  • gear oil change
  • coolant flush & change

The average life and resale value of a vehicle is significantly increased if propery maintained.

Tire Rotation & Seasonal Tire Exchange

Tire rotation is an important practice of moving the wheels and tires of the vehicle from one position to another in a particular pattern, to ensure even tire. Even tire wear is desirable to extend the useful life of a set of tires. The weight and torque on the front and rear axles differs which causes uneven wear.

Best performance and traction can be achieved by having both summer and winter tires for your 4 season vehicle. BIRD AUTOMOTIVE offer seasonal tire exchange service.

Benefits of Proper Tire Rotation
  • even tire wear
  • longer tire life
  • even tracking
  • improved traction & handling
Benefits of Season Tire Exchange
  • season specific rims & tires
  • improved traction & handling
  • extended tire life
  • proper snow tires for winter
Tire Rotation