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Automotive Repairs

Certified Automotive Mechanics trained to service German vehicles

Early Detection

Early detection of mechanical problems is a crucial key to help ensure your safety while driving your vehicle but also usually can significantly reduce the cost of repairs.

Quality Replacement Parts

Not all parts are created equal. BIRD AUTOMOTIVEs works with the best automotive parts suppliers ensuring your repairs will only be performed with parts of OEM or better quality.


BIRD AUTOMOTIVE was built on professionalism. We strive to make every visit a quick and pleasant experience. Front front office to mechanics you will be treated with respect and dignity by clean, well trained professional.

Brake Inspection & Service

Proper brake maintenance and service is important to helping ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

If your brakes are making any kind of squealing sound or you feel any pulsing or pull when braking service in most likely required.

Our technicians are certified to preform proper brake service on your vehicle ensuring your have the ability to stop, when you need it.

Brake Service Required Symptoms
  • dashboard brake light
  • brake pedal is spongy
  • grinding or squealing
  • excessive stopping distance
  • ABS testing & Service
  • Quality OEM/+ Parts
  • Rotor Machining
  • Caliper Rebuilding
Brake Service and Repair

Brake maintenance is important in helping ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

Powertrain Repair

Powertrain Service, Repair & Rebuilding

The powertrain system consists of the internal combustion engine, transmission, differential and/or axle assembly. The powertrain is typically controlled via the onboard computer system with multiple sensors and inputs.

Smooth and consistent power delivery to the ground requires your automobiles powertrain to be functioning correctly.

Properly maintained powertrain systems will experience longer life while delivering peak performance, quiet operation, low emissions and the best fuel economy.

Powertrain Symptoms
  • whining or knocking noise
  • visible tailpipe smoke
  • grinding when shifting
  • external leaks
  • failure to shift
  • slipping or loss of power
  • high oil consumption
  • rough start, idle or running
BIRD Services
  • computerized diagnostics
  • engine rebuilding
  • transmission rebuilding
  • clutch service & replacement
  • differential rebuilding
  • driveshaft service
  • CV shaft replacement
  • u-joint service & replacement

Todays automotive engineering require factory certified technicians to perform the proper repairs and service.

Suspension Maintenance & Upgrades

Your suspension and steering system helps you stay in control and on the road. Proper tuning is essential to ensure you are enjoying the engineering built into your vehicle.

From stock to aftermarket we will ensure your suspension delivers maximum performance and handling.

Suspension Symptoms
  • pulling to the side
  • oversteer
  • loss of traction
  • uneven tires or wear
  • rough or bumpy ride
BIRD Services
  • suspension rebuilding
  • shocks & struts
  • swaybar service & adjustments
  • laser wheel alignments
  • aftermarket upgrades
Suspension Service and Repair

Todays automotive engineering require factory certified technicians to perform the proper repairs and service.

Air Condition & Heating

Air Conditioning & Heating

Our demanding and sometimes hostile climate demands your heating and A/C systems are working 100% all the time.

BIRD AUTOMOTIVE has all the necessary equipment and experience to make sure your vehicle is fready for our changing weather conditions.

Anyone can replace an electrical part. But, testing and troubleshooting electrical-electronic circuits requires training and specialized equipment. Let BIRD AUTOMOTIVE fix it properly, the first time.

Electrical & Electronics Diagnostics

From analog electrical to complex onboard computer systems BIRD AUTOMOTIVE has the training and testing equipment to troubleshoot electrical and electronic faults and failures.

Electrical / Electronics Diagnostics and Repair