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Vehicle Inspections

We are a Certified OOP inspection facility by the Alberta provincial government.

Licensed Alberta Inspection Facility

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Certified Inspectors

From automotive certification to Out Of Province and light commercial, our mechanics will do the job right.


Proper Documentation

Vehicle certification can be complex and confusing. We know what you will need for the next step.


Out Of Province Inspections

New to Alberta or just purchasing a vehicle that has not been registered here does require additional steps and paperwork to be legally registrable in Alberta.

Licensed Alberta Inspection Facility

Out Of Province Inspections

Out of province inspections ensure the vehicle meets provincial regulations and emission standards.

Safety Insurance Inspections

Safety Insurance Inspections

Insurance inspections are simply a specific checklist of vehicle components to ensure the mechanical condition meets the minimum level of what the insurance industry has deemed as "acceptable" for a vehicle to be considered "road worthy".

Vehicle inspections are a vital checkup to ensure proper health.

AMVIC Inspection for Automotive Dealers

All AMVIC-licensed businesses must provide customers with a completed mechanical fitness assessment form before entering into a sales agreement/purchase contract for any used vehicle.

This standardized form ensures a uniform process for assessing all used vehicles.

mechanical fitness assessment form

AMVIC Inspection for Automotive Dealers

To ensure the safety of you and your passengers, passing an automotive inspection is the absolute minimum.

Light Commercial Inspections

Light Commercial Inspections
(no air brakes)

Typically commercial vehicles see the road every business day for countless miles.

This high milage use demands regular service and inspections to maximize it's service life and safety to the driver, and everyone else on the road.

Commercial inspections focus on the current mechanical state and estimated time before service on core mechanical systems will be required.

The Alberta government requires an annual inspection on all commercial vehicles.

School Bus & Taxi Inspections

Commercial vehicles inspections also includes school buses and taxi inspections.

To ensure the safety of you and your passengers, passing an automotive inspection is the absolute minimum.

Salvage Inspections

Vehicles declared salvage by an insurance company must undergo an inspection by a licensed inspection technician. A salvage vehicle that has passed an inspection is given a "rebuilt" rating on the vehicle registration form, which indicates it has been repaired, can be re-registered and driven on Alberta’s roads.

The Salvage vehicle inspection requires that rebuilt vehicles be restored to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Inter-industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) specifications. The inspection normally takes four hours to perform. It includes all aspects of the Out Of Province vehicle inspection, as well as the structural integrity inspection component.

Requirements for Rebuilding a Salvage Vehicle
  • Verify vehicle status at an Alberta registry agent
  • A salvage vehicle inspection must be completed prior to registration
  • Obtain a Rebuilt Vehicle Work Plan
  • Take 4 colour photos of the damaged vehicle before undertaking repairs (front, rear, left side, right side).
  • Jointly determine with us the point when in-progress inspections will be required
  • Perform repairs conforming to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and/or Inter-industry Conference on Auto Collision Repairs (I-CAR) standards.
  • Take photographs/digital pictures throughout the repairs.
  • Enter the parts/components purchased onto the Rebuilt Vehicle Work Plan, include the vendor and donor Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Ensure the required in-progress inspections are performed at the appropriate times.
  • Present the vehicle for final inspection prior to installing interior trim and undercoating.
  • Take the completed Inspection Certificate to an Alberta registry agent within 14 days of the inspection being signed as complete.
Automtive Salvage / Write-off Inspections

To ensure the safety of you and your passengers, passing an automotive inspection is the absolute minimum.

Pre and Post Vehicle Inspections

Pre and Post Purchase Inspections

Purchasing a used vehicle can be intimidating. Let us help you discover the true condition of the vehicle and any possible service requirements to make it safe and functioning properly.

Pre and post purchase inspections are a bumper to bumper visual and mechanical report card by a certified mechanic. including complete digital vehicle control module scan to determine if the vehicle has any internal issue that have been stored in the vehicle system.

Inspection Checklist
  • brake pads and rotors/drums
  • struts, coils and shocks
  • engine fluids levels
  • powertrain leaks
  • electrical and electronics systems
  • structural integrity
  • tires and wheels